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Good News

The word "gospel" means "good news." The good news is for us, and it is all about Jesus. Everything that the Bible says about Jesus; his birth, life, death, resurrection from the dead and that he rose into heaven, is very relevant to every human being today.

The Bible says that all of humanity are sinners and deserve to suffer in hell, separated from God forever. Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born from a virgin. Being all human and all God, Jesus was the only person to ever live a perfect life.

At just the right time, Jesus was executed on a cross. His physical suffering was tremendous, but worst of all Jesus, the only perfectly righteous man ever, suffered separation from God his father. In doing this he took the punishment we deserved instead of us. He was the recipient of God's intense anger at our sin, so we could receive forgiveness and the favor that Jesus deserves.

In this act, God amazingly expressed His perfect justice and His perfect love simultaneously. We know that Jesus sacrifice on the cross worked, because God then raised Jesus from the dead. He now sits in heaven next to God the Father as the one and only mediator between God and mankind. To trust in Jesus' work on the cross, not in our own good works, is the only way we can be saved.

If you’re in understanding more about the good news of the gospel please check out our Christianity Explored Course.

Christianity Explored Course

Have you ever desired to explore the Christian faith in an open, friendly, "questions-are-welcome" atmosphere? Do you have questions about God or who Jesus Christ is but don't have any place to ask them?

The CE course at Crossway Church of Lancaster is an eight week opportunity to explore the Christian faith in a relaxed environment with other individuals who are also exploring Christianity. Each week a different topic is presented in an informal and friendly atmosphere where you may ask questions or just sit and listen. Some topics include: "Who is Jesus?," "Why Did Jesus Die?," "How Can I be Sure of My Faith?," and other questions.

Each evening starts with a home cooked meal, and free childcare is provided. If you can, please call or email the office to let us know you are coming.

Feel free to visit the Christianity Explored webpage for more information