The Cross-Centered Life

We are people of the cross. Part of the Christian life is pursuing Jesus and, by God’s grace, growing to become more like him in our actual lives. To those ends we have our primary equipping time (Sunday meeting) and our primary application time (Caregroups). We also offer other venues for growth, two of which we will highlight here.

Emerge Through Service and Outreach

Every member of Crossway Church is also a minister of the gospel. A minister is a servant and Jesus has called us to serve one another. Because of the gospel, hundreds of our members serve one another every week. It is a beautiful and Christ-like thing. Because the gospel is news too good to contain, we eagerly look for opportunities to share with others. Evangelism is at the heart of the church’s mission, so we want always to be growing in passion for the practice of evangelism.

Emerge Through Learning

While the Sunday morning teaching is the main equipping time for our members, we also recognize that there are important topics we need to come back to on a regular basis. Subjects like parenting, personal ministry, finances, theology, how to read the Bible, doctrines of grace, etc. are presented in an ongoing manner through our Vital Life courses. We encourage all of our members to participate in at least one Vital Life course per year. We want to do all we can for the building up of our members. See our calendar for our Vital Life schedule. Dessert and childcare are provided.