Biblical Counseling - Level 1


Crossway Church offers certification in biblical counseling with the Institute of Biblical Care and Discipleship (IBCD). The IBCD Care & Discipleship Certification is a 3-level course designed to train individual and churches in developing one another care in the life of the congregation. Each of the three levels can be audited or completed with the required paperwork and payment to receive certification from IBCD.

Biblical Counseling Certification Course: IBCD Level 1


  • Date: Oct 1- Feb 18 (excluding Dec. 24)
  • Time: Sundays 8-9:45am
  • Location: Conference room

Course description – This introduction to biblical counseling is designed to acquaint people with an understanding of how the sufficiency of Scripture impacts how we view our struggles, especially in relation to psychology. It also deals with the general principles involved in biblical counseling and how one would use this method in situations involving anger, conflict, depression, fear, temptation, and dealing with trials.