Entrust: Children's Ministry

Entrust-Logo_CMYKOur children are gifts from God that he gives to parents for care, training and joy. We believe the best way Crossway Church can invest in children is to build up their parents in the gospel. We want to be sure that our members to whom God has given children are equipped to preach the glorious gospel to their families and to help them to live in the grace of God.

To these ends we provide children's ministry classes during our Sunday meeting up to grade 5. Our children's ministry teachers present Scripture clearly and give the children a resource page so parents can follow up at home. This venue allows our parents to receive the Sunday morning teaching in an undistracted fashion.

Security for our children is vital. Our children's ministry teachers are screened with an application and training process that include background checks. There are always two or more adults present with the children. And each adult that admits a child into the class is issued a tag that they must present for that child to be released to their care.

Family Nite

familynite2Families from Crossway are invited to Family Nites, where we gather for family worship, teaching, and activities from 6-8pm. We will be hosting two for this year, with no cost for the activities. Our schedule for Family Nites and other family events are listed below.

2017-2018 Schedule:

December 3 - Christmas Tree Lighting; May 6 - Shape N Race



Yearly Campouts

Crossway Church hosts two annual campouts for fathers and their children, ages 4-12. In late spring (early June) a campout is held for fathers and their daughters. A campout for fathers and their sons is held in the fall (late September). These events begin on Friday night and end on Saturday afternoon. They are precious times of fellowship between fathers and their children as well as a time of fun and ministry.